Welcome to Travera!

To create an account, you must be 18 years old. Go to ”skapa konto” at top right on Travera and then choose ”foreign citizens”. As a foreign buyer/seller, You are required to upload a picture of your driving license or passport (the page with your picture) to be approved as a member on Travera.

To be approved as a buyer at a partner auction, you must apply for credit under ”Mitt konto” (my account). For a partner auction, the partner's terms and conditions apply.

Under ”Mitt konto” (my account) you can change your information, see your bidding, post favorites etc.

The auction

You can bid at a horse when a horse is presented at Travera for auction. Every horse has a set closing time when the auction ends. However, the auction is extended by two (2) minutes if a new bid is received within two (2) minutes before the set closing time. If additional bids are received within this two minute period the time is further extended by two (2) minutes from the last bid etc. The horses are sold in the condition as presented.


The lowest bid (opening bid) is SEK 10,000, then (firm) increases are made as follows:

Increase 2,000 to 50,000 SEK

5,000 up to SEK 100,000

10,000 up to and including 500,000 SEK

20,000 up to and including 1,000,000 SEK

50,000 over 1,000,000 SEK

During the bidding, you are always anonymous. First bidder will be identified as "Budgivare 1", second bidder as "Budgivare 2" and so on. So You can be ”Budgivare 1” on one horse and ”Budgivare 7” on another. It all depends on the order in which you entered the bidding on each horse.

Under my account you can set if you want to remain anonymous even when you have won an auction.

If You had the winning bid, You will receive an email from Travera which will then help you through the entire transaction. Travera shows winning bids, the buyer's name and the bid history around the horse.

Bidding brokerage

As buyer you will be charged the purchase price and an additional bidding brookerage of 2,5 percent and thereafter VAT will be added.

Collecting the horse

The horse will not be given out by the seller until full payment is received by Travera, unless other arrangements have been made between seller and buyer. The day after the auction the buyer will get an invoice from Travera by email. If the buyer announces to Travera that the horse will be exported within 30 days of the date of the auction, the VAT will be refunded when the certificate of exportation is presented to Travera no later than 30 days of the auction and provided that the law permits VAT-free export.

The complete auction terms are available (in Swedish) here.

Do you have other questions? Please contact Traveras customer service at kundtjanst@travera.nu

Good luck at the auction!